• Il Portico
    • Villa Antinoo
      • Villa Daphne

        Tenute Maggi are outstanding historical Italian Villas which combine the distinctive feautures of the Italian style with the best comforts of a Charme Relais, where our guests can relax and enjoy their privacy.

        A magnificent Villa built in the 1600s, located on the top of a hill on the Ligurian coast and an ancient mansion in Apulia, both completely restored and designed to give you the Italian “Dolcevita” hospitality and the best comfort to ensure that your visit will be unforgettable.

        Ideal for a group of friends, a couple or a large family, our Mansions offer great services intended to make you enjoy the beauties of the area and a full immersion wellness experience by the pool or having a drink in the private Jacuzzi.

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